PureSpectrum automates the best of market research processes and enables clients to create innovative products that are advancing the industry. Throughout the past several years, Sentient Decision Science Founder/CEO Aaron Reid has been testing the limits of behavioral science with the support and partnership of PureSpectrum.

“PureSpectrum pulled back the curtain and changed the way sample is procured in market research,” Reid said. “We can now turn around insights on human emotion in under 24 hours. This product is critical for automated behavioral science.”

Behavioral Science in Market Research

After earning a doctorate in Experimental Psychology, Reid founded Sentient Decision Science to understand consumer’s emotional responses to advertisements that then inform their purchasing behavior. Instead of asking groups of people for explicit responses to stimuli, Sentient Decision Science taps into a respondent’s subconscious.

Reid shared that on one afternoon, he wanted to know the emotional reaction to a controversial Dove advertisement. He dropped the ad into his ad testing platform and with  PureSpectrum’s automated easy-to-use sample platform, had his answer in under 2 hours. He shared with our team and his client that the concept of instantaneous sampling and rapid insights turnover, still a novel idea to the industry, is the future of market research.

“PureSpectrum is helping us accelerate the delivery of behavioral science based insights to our clients. Through speed and seamless technology integration, we are providing access to new knowledge on human behavior at scale,” Reid said.

Aaron Reid

CEO/Founder, Sentient Decision Science

How PureSpectrum is Enabling Advancement

Through the use of PureSpectrum Marketplace, Sentient Decision Science is able to:

  • Test custom, targeted audiences globally
  • Answer the speed to insights demand for the brands they serve
  • Expand access to behavioral science research to new customers

Product Innovation: Rapid Subtext

PureSpectrum’s partnership has helped Sentient power Rapid Subtext, an automated tool that measures the subconscious impact of ads within 24 hours. Sentient’s multi-step ad test and facial action coding platform not only measure the emotional appeal and impact of a brand on its consumers but showcase the next generation of ad study technology. Brands armed with these insights launch informed ad campaigns and make critical branding decisions quickly and efficiently.

The Social Comfort Study

The coupling of Sentient’s & PureSpectrum’s technologies has revealed current social attitudes in the United States. Sentient’s Social Comfort Study has tested associations towards specific races in under 24 hours, automatic emotional responses to “dining out” in less than 12 and even assessed the ability of an ad to reduce negative implicit bias in under 3 hours.

“Together we are providing access into the subconscious changes in human attitudes due to the health and economic impact of COVID-19 and the global racial injustice awareness moment, in real time,” Reid said. “Speed allows us to answer these important questions faster and distribute compelling & relevant insights to the public so we can respond more effectively.”

Sentient Prime is currently free to researchers who want to measure the emotional effects of COVID-19 and provide the results to the public. Interested researchers should go here.

What Our Clients Think

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