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Outsource the doing, Insource the thinking

PureSpectrum’s expanded service offering now supports the entire research data collection lifecycle. Offering a full suite of market research solutions driven by a technology-first approach, clients will enjoy speed, quality and flexibility.

Simplify End-to-End Research

The people, processes, and technology to support the entire research lifecycle.
As much or as little involvement as you need.


PureSpectrum understands the unique needs and expectations of management consultants when gathering data to support business recommendations for their clients. 

Providing our management consulting customers with end-to-end global research operations solutions and expertise, PureSpectrum eliminates the need for partners and associates to spend their precious time managing multiple vendors.


We work as an extension of your team, blending high quality sample sources and integrating technology platforms to seamlessly deliver end-to-end solutions efficiently and effectively, providing sampling, programming and data collection services. 

Providing insights teams with ad hoc end-to-end global research operations solutions and expertise, PureSpectrum helps fill in the gaps where you need it, enabling your team to build your standards and practices in a way that best suits your organization, while remaining agile enough to adapt to today’s ever-changing challenges.

Our Services

Services can also be available ad hoc

Sample Sourcing

  • High-quality global online
    survey respondents via the
    PureSpectrum Marketplace
  • Custom sample sourcing
  • B2B, B2C, healthcare and
  • Controlled Sample blending

Data Collection

  • Survey programming
  • Multi-modal (online, mobile,
  • Multi-country
  • Specialized recruitment
  • Telephone interviewing
  • Translations

Data Delivery

  • Data cleaning &
  • Custom reporting
  • Verification and validation
    of respondents

The Quality-First Research Solution

PureSpectrum’s top data quality methodologies include a proprietary machine learning driven respondent-level scoring system called PureScore™. PureSpectrum combats modern market research challenges by providing premium insights and expert resources throughout the entire research cycle.

Expert Support

Our Chief Operating Officer, Todd Myers, is a 20+ year industry executive with experience leading teams from prominent firms in the industry like Nielsen, Kantar, and Harris Interactive. PureSpectrum empowers teams with the technology and processes to gain speed to insights, flexibility, and quality.


PureSpectrum integrates services with a number of platform technologies – experience management, customer experience, and more.


All of our Enterprise Solution team members are CORE XM Expert Certified. PureSpectrum empowers insights teams with the technology and processes to increase ROI in the Qualtrics Platform. 

PureSpectrum provides high quality data to support business decisions. With Qualtrics as a partner, we have reshaped the typical delivery models for insights, creating smarter research together. 


PureSpectrum programmers have all completed training and have extensive experience configuring surveys on the Decipher platform over many years for the leading firms in the industry.

PureSpectrum also has built an API integration with our Sample Marketplace and Decipher to make sample management easy and fast.