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Applying advanced online market research technologies, automation and

sampling expertise to make your job simpler

The easiest place to buy sample from multiple market research panels

The PureSpectrum Marketplace provides researchers instant access to multi-source market research supply from high-quality respondents globally.

Why the PureSpectrum Marketplace?

Our Marketplace offers unique field management features.
As the quality-first Sampling Marketplace, we believe in ensuring a quality experience from project inception to final insight reporting.

All changes are communicated in real time via our robust Supplier APIs, allowing for in-field flexibility without delay

No License Required

No licenses. No minimums. No hidden fees. Get access to all of PureSpectrum’s features in PureSpectrum Marketplace at no additional cost. Start launching projects today and keep it simple. Pay for your online sample.

Automated Fielding

Start sampling as soon as you launch and let our market research tools do the work. Eliminate tedious manual processes. Our automated fielding technology will ensure that your target market gets to your survey.

Fraud Prevention

PureSpectrum’s proprietary technology, PureScore™, checks dozens of points of verification to provide unparalleled security. Control for potential fraud and manage overall data quality at the respondent level.

Panel Deduplication

The PureSpectrum system assigns an ID to each respondent, regardless of how many market research panels they are a part of. This ensures each respondent in your survey is unique and engaged.

Dedicated Support

We empower researchers and marketing teams to take ownership of their projects. Our account team is available to support research clients and their projects from survey creation, sample collection, and final analysis.

Survey Tool Agnostic

PureSpectrum connects to any survey platform that accepts redirects and offers API integration to multiple survey tools. Quotas and qualifications are synced, reducing setup time and eliminates discrepancies between systems.

Marketplace FAQs

1.What countries can I field in?

You can field in 105+ countries. See a list of current countries here.

2. Does the PureSpectrum Sample Marketplace have project minimums?

No, there are no project minimums. Your company will receive a monthly, itemized invoice for all projects run in a calendar month.

3. Is there a fee to use Purespectrum?

No, we do not charge a platform fee to use the PureSpectrum Marketplace or Insights Platform. The PureSpectrum team is happy to walk you through the interface and get you set up with credentials so you can field market research projects on your own.

4. How is the Incidence Rate (IR) calculated? 

Incidence is calculated as a conversion, using the formula (Completes / (Survey Entrants – Quality Terminations)). This conversion calculation most closely reflects how the panels sending to your survey understand project performance.

5. How do I select panels for my survey?

As you enter survey audience qualifications during the set up process, the top right Feasibility and CPI box will populate. PureSpectrum  offers transparent multi-source sample supply. View the available panels from the Feasibility drop-down for your project before you launch and choose who you want to receive sample from. 

PureSpectrum vets all suppliers to ensure a quality marketplace. In addition, PureScore™, PureSpectrum’s proprietary respondent scoring system, assures only high-quality respondents get into your surveys. 

6. Can I change quotas after my survey has launched?

Yes, PureSpectrum allows you to manage projects while in field. Manipulate existing quotas, add, delete and modify quota goals all in one place. Survey management has never been this easy. 

7. Can I target by location within a country?

Yes, we offer location targeting options. You can also upload a list of zip or postal codes for more precise fielding and create custom quota groups.

8. How do I launch a survey?

After implementing your survey link and redirects, test the project for a successfully completed session. Following a successful test, decide if you want to turn on any of PureSpectrum’s special features, and launch. Once you launch the project, the integrated panels that you have selected will immediately start sending sample based on the audience and quotas that you have set up.

9. Can I recontact respondents?

Yes, you are able to recontact study participants. Reach out to your Account Manager to learn more about setting up recontact surveys. 

10. Do you have B2B survey sample?

Yes, you can select from a choice of qualification questions in “Advanced Targeting” to access B2B survey sample. 

Any questions we didn’t get to here? Contact your Client Success Manager or sales@purespectrum.com to ask  specific questions.

Marketplace Benefits

PureScore™ Data Quality

PureSpectrum’s advanced machine learning scoring system, PureScore™, uses over 18 billion data points a year to monitor respondent behavioral quality, consistently updating and improving the model. Only respondents with a passing PureScore™ are routed to PureSpectrum surveys, ensuring you only receive high-quality responses. 

Transparent Multi-Sourcing

Access multiple market research panels with the ease of one simple and intuitive interface. PureSpectrum’s robust panel integrations deliver powerful and diverse respondent access. Our global survey panels are deeply vetted and tightly integrated to ensure high-quality results and robust global respondent access.


All of your surveys and survey edits are instantly communicated to your selected market research panels using our API technology. No more emails, delayed actions, or coverage issues. Start sampling as soon as you launch.


PureSpectrum Marketplace provides an easy and simple sampling solution. Unlike other online sample providers, there are no hidden or additional fees. The CPI shown on the platform is the final cost per complete you will see on your monthly invoice.

Simple & Intuitive

We designed PureSpectrum to be a market research tool that is simple and intuitive. Tap into global survey panels with an easy-to-use and customer-centric interface.

Increased Feasibility

Increase audience feasibility for your survey with access to global survey panels. Pre-qualify participants with our Advanced Targeting feature. Your projects will have better conversion and more reach to difficult audiences.

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