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PureSpectrum Sample Management Platform

An easier way to buy online sample

PureSpectrum offers an easy-to-use interface for purchasing audiences from premium panel providers and managing API-driven fielding. The PureSpectrum Sample Management Platform acts as a central sample management operating system that allows for all sample sources to be managed in one application.

Integrated Marketplace

Gain access to top panels to better fill your surveys with better feasibility and higher quality. Researchers can utilize our ever-growing network of panel providers and access fielding management features like Quota Based Pricing.

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Commitment to Quality

PureSpectrum’s industry-leading quality technology, PureScore, combines proprietary measurement tools and third party validation to deliver a premium panel management system with verified panel choices that consistently provide real, unique, and engaged respondents. 

Simple Design

A dedicated account manager customizes your panel management platform. Change the way you sample with our unique field management features.

Our customer success team takes pride in delivering a tailored online panel management experience to meet your business’ needs.

How It Works


Define Your Audience

Set Quotas

Input specific quota ranges to match your fielding strategy. Our “Census” option automatically populates quotas in accordance with population census data. Get the right respondents for your project. 

Select Suppliers

Our quality-first sampling platform allows you to collect engaged respondents from PureSpectrum Marketplace and control all your sample from one panel management system. The last step in defining your audience is choosing the suppliers.


Finalize and Launch

PureSpectrum offers powerful features that help researchers adapt to the ever-changing market research landscape. Exclusive to the PureSpectrum panel management system are our industry leading features, like Quota Nesting and Field Evenly Over Time, that improve the fielding experience. Finalize your survey details, select the features you would like to use, and start collecting data in minutes.


Manage Your Survey

Monitor project progress on the Survey Management page. PureSpectrum’s online survey management system allows you to make edits to quotas during fielding, view all suppliers sending sample in real-time, download project reports, and more.

Support and Services

Global teams are there to support your fielding and use of our technology.
Even with the power of automation, users sometimes need a human element. Each account has a highly attentive and professional account manager to assist you in launching and monitoring your projects. With large and highly complex projects we offer full support to ensure successful delivery.

PureSpectrum SMP offers exclusive panel management tools to create a tailored field management strategy for you and your team. Connect with a team member to learn more about SMP, PureSpectrum’s online survey management system.