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Connect into your existing work process with API survey integration

Seamless Automation

Our powerful and flexible technology allows you to streamline your survey management process. Reduce costs and project timelines by eliminating manual tasks with our trusted and secure integration. Create and launch a survey in two API calls. Yes, it’s really that easy.

Custom Solutions

Access all of PureSpectrum’s survey management features and select which ones work best for you and your team. Our custom solutions have enhanced the quality of life of researchers across the world. Read about how our clients have customized our platform.

Maximize Functionality

All fielding, quotas, and budgeting take place within your UI. Manage all your project details with ease and increase your speed to insights. Connect our platform functionality with your team’s streamlined processes for a full-service solution.

Marketplace Access

Launch API surveys within your own platform and access high-quality global respondents from the PureSpectrum Marketplace. Keep your current processes but expand the feasibility and reach of your projects with our survey API integration.

No Fuss Documentation

Eliminate needless complexity with our API documentation. Technical integrations don’t need to be convoluted and overwhelming. Our mapping and targeting library is universal and extensible to fit every client’s varying needs. Check out our survey API docs and see for yourself.

Integration Support

We are here to work with you through this process. The initial consultation will allow us to walk you through the setup of the API, how to create a project, check feasibility, follow updates, and close a quota. Our team will continue to assist you with questions to ensure you feel comfortable and receive unmatched service.

Learn more about our survey API

Interested in speaking with a team member about our survey API? Email support@purespectrum.com to find out how your team can benefit from our Marketplace survey API integration.

Survey Tool Integration

Stay with your preferred survey building platform

Survey Tool Compatible

PureSpectrum is compatible with most survey softwares. Maintain your survey creation process with PureSpectrum’s survey tool integration. Connect with a team member and learn more about our integrated survey system.

No Programming Experience Needed

No survey programmers or developers needed for your survey creation. PureSpectrum’s survey integration allows you to use your survey tool of choice and tap into our marketplace of supply. 

Panel Integration API

Join our network of panels and simplify your workflow

Panels, also known as “suppliers”, can easily connect to our system via API. Discard the manual work of emailing back and forth with researchers about project details. Our system will handle all those tedious tasks for you through our automation platform.

24/7 Sampling

See an increase in traction immediately once you join our platform. Our clients are running projects at all hours that need respondents from panels like yours.

Easy Integration

Our integration process is straightforward and pre-documented. Need recommendations or additional support? The PureSpectrum team is here to guide you through your set up.

Keep Your Power

The PureSpectrum platform offers exclusion settings so you only accept surveys that match your respondents’ needs. Maintain use of your yield management and decide how many respondents you send.

Find out about how to join our network of panels by filling out our Contact Us form.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you.