PureSpectrum Customer Testimonials

At PureSpectrum, we believe in creating technology to fit the needs of our customers. Since our inception we have had the privilege to create partnerships through our platform. Learn more about working with us from our online survey tools reviews on this page.


Quality Supply

“We started using PureSpectrum in conjunction with a couple of other platforms at the same time. We tiptoed in, we weren’t sure we necessarily wanted to put all of our eggs in one basket. We just didn’t find the ease of use in any of the other platforms. It is head and shoulders above the rest of the platforms that we dealt with. The supply is there, it’s quality supply, it’s known supply and we understand who the providers are. This gives us trust and safety to stand behind the work that we do.” 

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Tim Talley

Vice President of Operations and Data Analytics, SmithGeiger

True Partnership

“In a lot of the rest of the sample industry out there, it’s all about selling what they have. It’s not about solving problems. It’s not about being creative or thoughtful. Michael had said ‘I want to help people build and automate things. Tell me where your pain points are. Tell me what we can do that’s faster and better than what you are doing today. Everyone says they’re a partner in this business, everyone wants to be a partner in this business, but PureSpectrum is one of the one true partners that we have.”

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Alice Butler

Senior Vice President, M/A/R/C Research

Speed to Insights

“PureSpectrum pulled back the curtain and changed the way sample is procured in market research. We can now turn around insights on human emotion in under 24 hours. This product is critical for automated behavioral science.”

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Aaron Reid

Founder/CEO, Sentient Decision Science

Control of Insights

“PureSpectrum has got it right – great tech and great interpersonal people. A big thing for me is people that want to have a relationship. The reality is that PureSpectrum has got a good blend which gives us control and efficiency.”

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Mark Squires

CEO, Watermelon Research


“Today’s way of interviewing panelists for research is far too inefficient. PureSpectrum attacking this problem in all the right ways to streamline the research process.”

James Norman

CEO, Pilotly

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