PureSpectrum Platform Overview

Data quality experts, empowering you with better insights. PureScore was built to combat modern market research challenges and keep up with the ever evolving data quality landscape.

What is PureScore?

PureScore is a comprehensive, advanced Machine Learning driven, scoring system designed to measure individual survey respondent quality on a scale of 0-10.

How does it work?

Respondents with a PureScore of 5 and under are blocked from taking surveys.

The model finds patterns in the profiles and behaviors of respondents, and the more that a respondent deviates from the ideal, the lower their PureScore.

Examples Include:

  • Screening consistency
  • LOI, Completion rate, etc
  • Group behavior based on demography

Ready to learn more about the PureSpectrum Platform?

Ready to learn more about the PureSpectrum Platform?


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