As a wrap-up of this year’s Women’s History Month, we wanted to highlight some of the women-led projects at PureSpectrum. Women’s History Month is a time to celebrate and reflect on the contributions female leaders have made. We are lucky to have many amazing women that work at PureSpectrum, all of which contribute to our overall success. We know that it takes a diverse and united team to win. Female leadership is pivotal for fostering innovation and success at any company and this is seen first-hand at PureSpectrum. We have some amazing teams run by women and want to highlight three specific branches: Data Science & Analytics, Client Services, and Brand Experience.

PureSpectrum’s Data Science & Analytics team is run by SVP, Sushma Vasudevan. Sushma is the powerhouse behind our industry-leading respondent scoring system, PureScore™.

I have had the pleasure of working with Sushma since late 2019, which happened to be a few months before the big release of PureScore™ in 2020. Even though I was new to Market Research, I knew that this was going to be a game changer for our business and also for the industry. I will never forget sitting with her and talking through what this would mean. She was on fire, her passion filled the room. It was such an exciting time and I already felt incredibly proud of her and all she was doing in the short time I had known her. On top of her passion for her work, I could tell right away she loved collaborating and working at PureSpectrum. She was (and still is) innately nurturing and generous. She would bring in huge batches of homemade Indian food for us to try and eat together at lunch. Her ability to bring us all together to connect over rice just scratches the surface of her ability to bring together a team and discuss data analytics. 

Sushma Vasudevan

Sharon Lim

Our client experience is pivotal to every success we have. If our client isn’t happy, we aren’t happy. There is great pressure that comes with these roles and Sharon Lim handles it all with grace. As PureSpectrum’s Research Solutions Director in APAC, not only does Sharon oversee projects, collaborate with team members, and troubleshoot challenges, but she also adapts to clients and team members that span three different countries. Within APAC, Sharon works with people who are based in Singapore, Australia and India daily. She believes in “being genuine and sincere with everyone”. In many companies, the APAC region is told to follow global processes but at PureSpectrum we believe that the best ideas can come from any region and any team.

Sharon has led several initiatives and improvements to customer success processes out of APAC that have been implemented across all regions. Sharon’s leadership is felt worldwide and the impacts of her changes have helped PureSpectrum grow and become renowned for its client experience.

Noor Eid is our Director of Brand Experience. Now, I may be slightly biased as Noor is on the Marketing team with me, but I genuinely believe she is an exceptional leader and I felt it was important to bring her into the mix in this blog. Noor oversees global brand experience strategy, curating bespoke, elevated campaigns and events for prospects, clients, and partners to build consumer connectivity and drive brand awareness. Given her agency background and world-traveler personality, we knew she would be the perfect fit at PureSpectrum. Noor, having studied in Los Angeles and London, lived in Dubai, vacationed in Venezuela, and the list continues, has had diverse exposure to cultures (to say the least). Upon meeting Noor and hearing about her background I knew she was an empath and that she would be successful in a role on the marketing team. 

Noor Eid

To be a successful marketer you must not only seek to understand your customer’s journey but genuinely care about it. Noor has led the creation and expansion of the Experiences team at PureSpectrum crafting unique brand activations and ultimately elevating the client journey at PureSpectrum. Noor has put experience at the forefront of every conversation we have from conference booths to retargeting ads.

As we bid farewell to this year’s Women’s History Month, it’s imperative to recognize and celebrate the exceptional women who drive innovation, foster collaboration, and lead at PureSpectrum. From Sushma Vasudevan’s groundbreaking work in data science, Sharon Lim’s dedication to client satisfaction across multiple continents, and Noor Eid’s visionary leadership in brand experience, these remarkable women exemplify leadership at PureSpectrum.

Their stories not only showcase their individual achievements but also underscore the profound impact that women bring to our company and the broader industry. Diversity and inclusion are not just buzzwords but fundamental principles that drive our success. As we reflect on the accomplishments of these inspiring leaders, we reaffirm our commitment to championing and empowering women in every facet of our organization.

Estephanie Fuess, PureSpectrum’s Senior Vice President of Marketing, is a seasoned leader known for her expertise in building and accelerating teams within fast-growth companies. With a passion for crafting world-class marketing plans and compelling brand narratives, Estephanie brings innovative, customer-centric approaches to her role. As a client advocate and change agent, she fosters brand loyalty and drives the advancement of PureSpectrum’s mission to making researchers’ jobs and lives easier.