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PureSpectrum POV – Chad Nuesmeyer

Meet Chad Nuesmeyer, SVP of Engineering and Product at PureSpectrum. Today Chad discusses how he keeps international product and engineering teams...
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PureSpectrum POV – Andy Cayton

Meet Andy Cayton, Executive Vice President at PureSpectrum. Today Andy shares the changes and growth he has witnessed in his 20 years of market...
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PureSpectrum POV: Andrew Alabada

Meet Andrew Alabada, Sr. Director of Client Service at PureSpectrum. Today Andrew shares how PureSpectrum’s fast growth is helping our global...
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PureSpectrum POV: Rebecca Bello

Meet Rebecca Bello, VP of Product at PureSpectrum. Today Rebecca shares her goals for our Insights Platform as well as thoughts around the future of...
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PureSpectrum POV: Nicole Ipsen

Meet Nicole Ipsen, a Marketing Coordinator at PureSpectrum. Today Nicole gives her insights into why she’s loved starting her career at PureSpectrum...
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PureSpectrum POV: Sushma Vasudevan

Meet Sushma Vasudevan, VP of Analytics and Data Science at PureSpectrum. Today Sushma shares her passion for data science and how it led her to be a...