Scheduled Launch is the ability to set up and schedule surveys to be launched at a specific time in the future. Coordinate your survey launches in time with movie releases, press releases, product debuts, or time-zoned markets.

How Scheduled Launch Helps Researchers

  • Better plan for and execute precise launches
  • Schedule launch to match with other releases or timed markets, ensuring you don’t have to be at your computer to launch at midnight on a Saturday, or find coverage for someone who can be online at odd hours
  • Set up and schedule out multiple projects without having to manually track them in a calendar

How It Works

  1. On the Final Details page when creating a new survey, toggle the “Scheduled Launch” button to “on”.


2. Fill in the desired launch date, time and time zone.


3. Finalize and save your survey, confirming that your project was correctly configured. The operator will receive an email confirmation right before the project goes live.



  • You can schedule a project up to 60 days in the future
  • You can edit a project anytime up until its launch
  • You can stop the scheduled launch before a survey becomes live by turning off the feature

Scheduled Launch empowers users in the market research automation process. Each release is moving us closer towards our goal of creating a better way to sample. Please note that Scheduled Launch may not work in all use cases. 

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