New to the PureSpectrum Marketplace platform, Quota Searchability is a better way to organize and manage your quotas while in field. View different segments of your custom-set audiences with a new searchability feature and pagination feature.

After launching your study, click on the survey in your project dashboard to pull up your Survey Management Page:

1. Quota Keyword Search: search for key terms from your nested quotas to find them quickly and at a glance for better management. Search for your custom quota title, qualification name, qualification code, value within age ranges (i.e. search for “22” and receive an 18-25 age range quota from the search).

2. Quota Pagination: If you have more than 100 quotas, we have added a “Show Next # Quotas” pagination feature to allow for a leaner, more condensed quota view.

Ready to take a look at this feature for yourself? Log into your account and get your project launched now, or schedule a demo with us to learn more about PureSpectrum.