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Confidence is powerful. Confidence empowers individuals to make decisions with conviction and drives performance. Teams that operate with confidence are more likely to embrace innovation and explore new possibilities, fostering a culture of innovation and success.  Confidence is contagious within a team, creating a positive and supportive environment that enhances teamwork, encourages collaboration, and ultimately leads to superior achievement.  Confidence is not gained overnight, rather it’s built over time.  

The great Serena Williams, winner of 23 Grand Slam titles, the most of all time in the Open Era was quoted, “Confidence comes from hours and days and weeks and years of constant work and dedication.”  Pele, highly regarded as one of the best soccer players of all time once said “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing or learning to do.”  Finally, the legendary coach Vince Lombardi once said “Confidence is contagious. So is a lack of confidence.”

This year PureSpectrum celebrates seven years since inception and embarks on this year with confidence. Over the past seven years we’ve tirelessly attracted, grown, and retained our talent across every aspect of our company resulting in a team that is incredibly competent and confident. Going into 2024 we have over 202 years of tenure working at PureSpectrum with 85% percent with at least 1 year at the company and 65 percent over 2 years, and nearly a third of our employees over 3 years at the company. To put it simply, PureSpectrum has an incredibly experienced team that is working in harmony to deliver confidence to you.

Our dedication to quality data using advanced machine learning respondent scoring system PureScore is entering the fourth year of optimization. We recently released our integrated open-end fraud detection technology PureText that has made tremendous impacts with our first adopting clients and we are aggressively expanding to support more localizations around the world. In the last quarter, we’ve also expanded our global sample access to thirty-three additional countries bringing the total to 103 countries. New enterprise features have been released as more companies have selected PureSpectrum’s technology as their central sample management platform, making their operations more efficient and streamlined. Finally, we’ve built out a superior professional onboarding team to help our clients adopt the PureSpectrum Way of operations driving cost savings, labor efficiency, and massively improved buying performance.

Our team is confident that we have the best technology and people to serve the needs of our industry. After years of innovation and working with some of the most sophisticated buyers in the industry we know that each new improvement we bring to market is embedded in a powerful platform that is the platform of choice for countless companies.

We have the people, we have the technology, and we are committed to delivering confidence to you.

About PureSpectrum 

PureSpectrum offers a complete end-to-end market research and insights platform, helping insights professionals make decisions more efficiently, and faster than ever before. Awarded MR Supplier of the Year at the 2021 Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards, PureSpectrum is recognized for industry-leading data quality. PureSpectrum developed the respondent-level scoring system,  PureScore™, and believes their continued success stems from their talent density and dedication to simplicity and quality.

In the few years since its inception, PureSpectrum has been named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America on Deloitte’s Fast 500 since 2020, and ranked for three years in a row on the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative List and the Inc. 5000 lists.