Historically the market research industry’s adoption of API, DIY / Self-Serve Automation has been slow on the uptake in Asia Pacific. Resistance can be attributed to traditional process methodology, cost-effective ‘managed solutions’, and notably the perceived responsibility of customers sampling in its own right. But change is occurring throughout the region, even pre-COVID-19, customers started to take more control.  

So why have we seen the adoption of API, DIY / Self-Serve Automation Platforms in the APAC region? Australia and Japan have been leading for the last decade in progressive Market Research techniques and now the markets in South East Asia and beyond are taking their opportunity to shine. It should be of no surprise to those who know the region, the likes of Grab, Gojek, Lazada, Shopee all hail from here, and the future of technology is bright.

Traditional businesses of all shapes and sizes have had to embrace change and transform to suit the needs of the customer. SaaS spending is up 40% y-o-y in Asia! Extreme examples see Telcos and Financial Services Organizations providing non-traditional services like 3rd party products and brands looking to become their own ‘Facebook type’ ecosystems to remain relevant in the eyes of their consumers. Having instant touchpoints through apps and marketplaces has become essential to serve the customer in real-time. Every industry has had to adapt to the downward economic pressures and the upward demand from the customer. This has created the necessity to simplify processes.  

In sample provision, the requirement is no different. Budgets have been decreased (further than normal) and rather than drive down quality with cheaper audience solutions a fundamental change was required.

With the world needing to be ‘remotely connected’ now more than ever, having solutions at your fingertips rather than at the end of an email (or Whatsapp / WeChat / Line, etc.) is paramount. Adoption has been staggering! Entire markets have opted for tools that allow them to work smarter (and faster) providing them time to be more customer-centric and where needed save costs to reinvest elsewhere in the customer journey.

Brands need answers now. The automation of data collection is becoming the status quo within marketing technology stacks and the true dawn of ResTech is taking hold. Leading with quality and delivery, PureSpectrum launches into Asia Pacific equipped to address these requirements with industry-first best in class solutions.  

Through PureScore™, PureSpectrum provides the only Respondent Level Scoring System globally and with just under 2 years of machine learning delivers a pioneering resolution for our Asia Pacific customers to combat their data quality challenges.

With a ‘simplicity by design’ mandate our UI/UX enables organizations large and small to access our global network of partners within minutes and requires little to no assistance.  

Built around the core pillars of Quality, Automation, and Simplicity, the PureSpectrum platform offers industry-leading quality standards and technology the modern-day buyer demands.

PureSpectrum stands on the foundation of those that have come before and delivers tailored solutions to meet API, Self-Serve data collection, and survey requirements. As a platform provider, we are committed to facilitating the connections between our customers and our supply partners so that the entire supply chain receives its fair share.  

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About PureSpectrum 

PureSpectrum offers a complete end-to-end market research and insights platform, helping insights professionals make decisions more efficiently, and faster than ever before. Awarded MR Supplier of the Year at the 2021 Marketing Research and Insight Excellence Awards, PureSpectrum is recognized for industry-leading data quality. PureSpectrum developed the respondent-level scoring system,  PureScore™, and believes their continued success stems from their talent density and dedication to simplicity and quality. In the few years since its inception, PureSpectrum has been named one of the Fastest Growing Companies in North America on Deloitte’s Fast 500 since 2020, and ranked for three years in a row on the GRIT Top 50 Most Innovative List and the Inc. 5000 lists.