PureSpectrum Traffic Channels

“Traffic channels have made my client’s fielding easier and more efficient.”

– Cecilia Engelking, PureSpectrum Account Manager

PureSpectrum’s goal is to make researchers’ jobs easier, which is why we created the traffic channels feature on our platform. Traffic channels improve delivery while keeping projects organized during fielding by helping to consolidate all related segments within the main project.

The PureSpectrum Marketplace Platform currently offers four different types of traffic channels.

1. Replica Traffic Channel

This is by far the most used traffic channel on the platform. Implement when traffic into a survey has slowed and the CPI needs to be adjusted. When launching a Replica channel, all open quotas from the main survey will be carried over to the new channel. Utilizing this channel enables suppliers to see exactly what quotas still need to be filled and send more supply to a project. From a project management perspective, traffic is consolidated into the main survey, so a user can easily track how many completes have been achieved for each quota group. 

2. Specific Audience Traffic Channel

With this channel, users can customize targeting for specific audiences while also adjusting CPI. If a specific quota group is proving difficult to reach, a Specific Audience Traffic Channel should be launched to raise the CPI for this group while maintaining the original CPI for the other quota groups. Previously, users would have had to launch separate surveys and then toggle back and forth between them. Now, users can launch different segments of a survey and keep it organized in one place. This channel can be used to experiment with different ways of targeting. For example, when targeting for DMAs, users can launch a Specific Audience Traffic Channel targeting zip code lists in these areas instead.

3. Targeted Traffic Channel

While this channel isn’t used very often, it can be extremely useful when a specific list of respondents needs to be invited into a survey. Often utilized in trackers, respondents who completed a previous wave of a study can be quickly targeted again by uploading an excel file and launching a Targeted Traffic Channel.

4. Untargeted Traffic Channel

This channel targets Gen Pop, 18 to 99-year-olds, within the country a survey is fielding in. Untargeted Traffic Channel should primarily be used when a survey needs to close quickly, all quotas have been opened and the remainder of the completes can field as Gen Pop sample.

Traffic Channel FAQs

Q: Can you have different CPIs for different traffic channels? 

A: Yes, users can now customize the CPI for every single traffic channel that they have. If a survey is quota-heavy, Specific Audience Traffic Channels should be run to assist with targeting harder-to-reach audiences. Running this type of traffic channel will allow users to increase specific CPIs while maintaining a lower CPI across the main survey.

Q: How many traffic channels can you have live at one time?

A: Users can run multiple Specific Audience Traffic Channels with different kinds of targeting. However, Replica and Untargeted Channels can only run individually. Thus, if a user already has a Replica channel fielding and another Replica is launched, it will automatically close the first channel. 

Q: Can I edit the quota within a channel that has already been launched? 

A: No, once you’ve launched a traffic channel, changes and edits cannot be made. Instead, try launching a new Specific Audience Traffic Channel and pausing the channel that needs the edit. 

Q: Does adding a traffic channel automatically de-dupe from earlier completes, screen-outs, et cetera?

A: Yes, adding a traffic channel automatically de-dupes from earlier completes, screen-outs, et cetera. Any traffic channel that is launched will exclude any previous traffic channels and any activity that happened in the main survey.  


To learn more about Traffic Channels and watch a full demonstration that was performed during a recent webinar, please visit: https://register.gotowebinar.com/recording/4183796090869653006

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