At PureSpectrum, we look to build relationships beyond the traditional business setting. We are committed to delivering quality, whether that means quality of data, quality of service, or quality of life. In our Outside the Boardroom series, you will get to see firsthand the human side of market research.

Outside the Boardroom – David Breihan

It’s midnight on a Friday, and while most people are out enjoying their lives, it’s not uncommon for market researchers to be preparing surveys for launch. Challenging specs and even more challenging timetables dominate the industry, and always have. There can be 50+ emails between researchers and suppliers, and redirect links that need to be tested more than once before projects can field.

This was the reality for many MarketCast researchers, until they partnered with PureSpectrum.

These manual processes are still followed across the market research the industry because they are proven to work. Even though so much time and energy is spent every day repeating tasks technology can easily do, the thought of changing methodologies and possibly jeopardizing data or deadlines is often unnerving to researchers and their clients.

David Breihan, Vice President of Operations at MarketCast, knew there was a better way to sample.

It’s 2020. You shouldn’t have to compromise your quality of life for sample.