Sharing the “mobile is here” public service announcement in 2019 feels a bit like informing you that “smoking kills,” “media habits are changing” or “the earth is round.”  It’s well covered territory.

But at PureSpectrum, we noticed that in a marketplace of panels and research surveys of all shapes and sizes, for the first time in the US, there were more completed interviews recorded on mobile devices than on desktop.

At the beginning of the decade, conference presentations started to highlight the mobile trend. Mobile-based survey sessions were doubling from 5 percent to 10 percent in a single year, and we were warned of the impact this trend would have on research. And now, as we close out the decade, mobile jumps past desktop, making up 56 percent of average daily interviews.

In honor of the torch passing, PureSpectrum’s Vice President of Analytics and Data Science, Sushma Vasudevan, will dig past the headline figure to examine the impacts of the rise on respondent pool growth, demographic availability, conversion and quality rates.

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