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How To Add a Researched Point Of View to Your Content

Content marketers and creators are tasked with constantly making new and engaging content that drives consumers to their site or brand. While subjects and industries may be diverse, writers can add credibility to their work by collecting consumer insights on their chosen topic. Adding a data-backed point of view to an article or presentation may seem complex and lengthy. But, with the advent of online research platforms, a consumer sentiment survey can be launched, fielded, and analyzed within a day or two.

Curious to learn more? Here are some of the most common questions our team gets asked by writers and content marketers:

What Is a Consumer Sentiment Survey?

A consumer sentiment survey is a type of survey that measures consumer feelings, attitudes, behaviors, and motivations about a specific subject. When performed online leveraging a sample marketplace, these surveys can easily collect thousands of responses from people across the globe in a few short days. Most sample marketplaces also profile respondents allowing users to target more specific audiences like parents, pet owners, registered voters, and B2B market segments. 

How Can I Create a Consumer Sentiment Survey?

  • First, identify your topic. Do you have a thesis you want to explore? While your research may not always prove your idea or thesis, it can be the basis of your study.
  • Next, write questions that directly target your chosen subject. For example, if your chosen topic is the rising price of gas and its current economic implications, you’ll want to ask baseline questions about the topic like “Has the increased price of gas influenced your normal driving habits?” and “Have you considered any of the following modes of transportation as an alternative to driving?”
  • Be sure to ask respondents about their annual household income, employment status, age, and other relevant demographic information. This will help during analysis and allow you to understand consumer sentiment across multiple demographic groups. 
  • Finally, you’ll want to format your questions on a data collection platform. Many online platforms allow users to utilize existing templates or create their own questions based on a set of preformatted questions. On the PureSpectrum Insights Platform, you have the ability to do this, but you can also upload a word document and have your survey programmed for you. Our services team is available to QA your survey for function and provide any necessary suggestions to ensure your survey aligns with industry best practices.

If you’d like to learn more about consumer survey creation tips, best practices & helpful guidelines, please check out this guide

How Do I Launch a Consumer Survey?

  • Once your survey is finalized and programmed into a survey platform, you’ll want to define your target audience. Common target groups include a census-balanced general population or specific age and gender groups, but the best marketplaces also allow for more advanced targeting through a combination of profiling and in-survey screeners. This will enable users to find niche target groups as well as specific B2B, Professional, and Healthcare respondents. 
  • Next, you may need to determine the number of completed responses you’d like to collect for your survey. For most consumer studies, we typically recommend a sample size of 500 to 1,000, depending on the data cuts you plan to make during analysis. With more niche/defined target groups, it is okay to collect less than 1,000. On the PureSpectrum Marketplace, the cost is calculated for you as you input the target criteria and the total number of completed responses. If you need any assistance or require specialty panel access, our services team can assist.

How Can I Trust the Responses to My Survey?

Data quality is essential for market research. Poor quality responses will yield a bad dataset and could result in misleading outcomes. Be sure to choose a research vendor that prioritizes quality. Doing so will ensure you maximize the effectiveness of your consumer research.

When it comes to quality respondent sourcing, PureSpectrum is an industry leader and award winner. Each respondent sourced through PureSpectrum is screened by our scoring system, PureScore™, and supported by 3rd party deduplication tools and a team of quality analysts. Our technology effectively analyzes and predicts the behavior of the respondents to evaluate their credibility, reliability, and consistency. Read more about how PureSpectrum is pushing the market research industry’s data quality standards forward.

How Should I Cite My Market Research Source?

Depending on your publication, the format for your citation may be different. A best practice is always to include the date of the study, how the study was conducted, and how many people were surveyed. 

How Much Does It Cost to Run A Consumer Survey?

Many different insights platforms offer a variety of pricing structures and subscription plans. However, on the PureSpectrum Insights Platform, writers are free to research at whatever cadence their content calendar demands; no subscription is required. Because we are also a sample marketplace, we can offer you responses to your consumer survey at a much lower cost than many other providers.

Ready to add consumer research to your content strategy? Reach out to our team below. We look forward to partnering with you! Or check out this recording of our recent platform demo, made specifically for content marketers. 

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