When your community supports you, you support your community. Born and raised in Ventura County, PureSpectrum understands the meaning of “it takes a village.” Without the help and talent found in Conejo Valley, this company would have just stayed the daydream of a solopreneur. Now, with over 50 employees in a dozen countries, PureSpectrum is in a place to pay it forward.

This year, the PureSpectrum team has donated time and funds to make a difference where we have planted our roots. Team members served meals at the Ventura County Rescue Mission (VCRM), a homeless shelter in Oxnard that is working to give people a hand up rather than a hand out.

Funded and operated by the community, the VCRM provides warm meals daily, beds, and rehabilitation programs for those in need. Our team got to spend time with their volunteers first hand, set tables, serve meals, clean, work in the kitchen, and meet members of the neighborhood. 

In addition to our time, PureSpectrum donated $10K to further the VCRM’s goals on behalf of our clients. It is because of their business and support that we are able to contribute to the VCRM. With it, we honor the connections that have been with us since the beginning, the connections we have made in 2019, and the connections to come to continue the growth of our business.

The VCRM is always looking for community members to get involved with their mission. Whether you want to donate funds or time, visit their website vcrescuemission.org