Need to Field a Market Research Survey in Multiple Countries?


PureSpectrum makes it simple with our latest platform innovation, Multi-Country. One survey setup is all that is needed to rapidly create, deploy and manage projects in multiple countries on the PureSpectrum Marketplace Platform.

Focused on reducing the number of minutes and clicks it takes to launch, PureSpectrum now offers the ability to combine shared demographics for multiple countries during survey setup. Understand a project’s viability without creating drafts. With rapid access to CPI and feasibility, there is no limit to the number of countries researchers can field in utilizing this tool.

When launching a project using Multi-Country, users have the ability to share a single survey link or apply unique links per locale. This system can cut setup time by 30-40%, enabling users to launch several surveys with a single click. Project data collects into a single dashboard for easy consumption. The PureSpectrum Marketplace platform connects multi-country projects making management, reporting, and billing simple and streamlined. 


PureSpectrum’s Multi-Country feature, the simplest way to launch globally.

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