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Recently, PureSpectrum partnered with Sentient Decision Science at Quirk’s Chicago to reveal a new perspective into current attitudes of the U.S. populous by generation. Together, the two organizations set out to understand how different generations experienced the last two years emotionally. Sentient is on a mission to increase empathy for the human condition. The project didn’t want to rely solely on self-reported data in a survey, but to actually measure their implicit emotional response. Sentient measured emotional responses to concepts like work, money, climate change, politics, COVID-19, and the future. Explicit questions were asked and then measured implicitly. 

PureSpectrum provided online sample to Sentient that enabled them to automate the scientific research process and scale emotional measurement. PureSpectrum’s ability to automate sample delivery provided a foundation for Sentient to rapidly test implicit emotions across representative groups of respondents. By multi-sourcing from diverse and differentiated panel sources, PureSpectrum provided a broad set of respondents that can still be balanced to the census, to ensure representativeness and diversity in data.

Respondents were studied systematically across generations; Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, Boomers 1, and Boomers 2.  PureSpectrum ensured speed to insights with 1750 total respondents, 350 per group, U.S. general population quotas that filled in four days. We uncovered emotional differences between the five generations on a variety of topics. We studied what emotional cues drive each generation and discuss what can be understood to provide more harmony and cohesion between them. 

Read the Generational Emotion Study here. 

On December 1st, PureSpectrum and Sentient reconvened to discuss the data set. Dr. Aaron Reid was joined by PureSpectrum’s Arianne Larimer to further examine the differences between what people say and what they feel. The insights revealed offered an important lens into the emotional differences of the current generations. This next level of understanding is an important step in business innovation. 

Watch the webinar here.