Achieve quality insights on an automated schedule. Introducing Field Evenly Over Time (FEOT); a way to evenly distribute completes across the entire field time, automatically. New from PureSpectrum, FEOT takes the desired number of completes and divides them over the defined survey field time.

Our clients have use cases requiring them to collect an even number of completes over a period of time:

  • To ensure representativeness of sample have an even number of completes over a period of time
  • Recontact a fixed number of respondents per day
  • Have demographic spread across various concept evaluations in the survey
  • Conduct dipstick research whereby some % of completes have to be repeated over time

Once activated, FEOT can be applied at both the survey level and will be automatically broken down at the quota level. For example, if a project has a goal of 50 completes with 5 days to field, of which it should be evenly distributed among a specific demographic, the system will allow for no more than 2 completes to come in from each category. Our platform will automatically open quotas and continue sampling at the start of the day.

This is the PureSpectrum fielding dashboard. Out of 10 completes needed in total, the Current Target will automatically update evenly each day to allow for even fielding. In this case, this is 2 completes per day. The Fielded number is the total number of completes captured. Track each quota’s progress visually with a quota progress bar.

Contact your client success manager, or reach out to to enable this feature on your account and learn more about Field Evenly Over Time use cases.

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