Get the exact respondents you need and with better accuracy using Quota Nesting. When setting up a survey for launch, input all required respondent demographic information and nest them together. Collect precise and high-quality data with this smarter fielding method. 

How Quota Nesting works:

  1. Set up respondent requirements in any category (demographic, region, advanced targeting, etc) that you need as quotas when creating your survey.
  2. After those are set up either with custom requirements or with census data, scroll to the bottom left of your “Define Audience” page and select “Quota Nesting.” Any respondent requirement from any category can be nested together.
  3. All demographics with applied quotas will display in the model.
  4. From here, you will be able to see the nested quotas organize as you click and apply them.
  5. When you are satisfied with how the information will be collected, hit “Apply Nesting.” Your quotas will now display and field nested together. The order in which you select your options for nesting has an impact on the number of unique quotas. You can tune this for an extremely customized quota build.

Nesting breaks down each quota and can be applied to any number of any demographic requirements. Instead of managing different ages, gender, and region quotas independently, target for each individual and gather data to fill the specific needs of your unique research.