Technology for researchers to win the rapid insights era.

Technology for researchers to win the rapid insights era.

Todd Myers

President, Inteligx by PureSpectrum

“We are really excited to continue the Inteligx mission as part of the larger PureSpectrum team. We feel strongly that for many customers the power of today’s research platforms can be best realized when combined with the support from research, operations and technology experts,” Myers said. “Together we will optimally blend the people, platform, and best practices to help customers get the most of their research efforts.”

Sampling Platform

 Backed by World Class Support

The industry’s best fielding dashboard connects you to a marketplace of integrated panels. Expand reach, deduplicate respondents, manage quotas and free up time with a programmatic technology solution to online data collection.

Automated Fielding

Fraud Prevention

Deduplication Across Panels

Dedicated Support

Sample Management

MultiSource Globally

Survey Tool Agnostic

No License Required


 Are your clients asking for faster, actionable insights from your research?

Storefront automates your methodology and report generation in an easy-to-use interface for your clients or research teams. An automated solution is now within reach.



We develop a site, interface and insights engine for your clients and teams to quickly create, purchase and launch your research products and view the resulting reports.


Storefront generates your reports within 24 hours of launch. The application also tags and stores data from all your projects to make insights available across your client organization or your own.



You have proprietary methodologies that your customers want to purchase. We have the technology to help you scale the distribution.

What Our Clients Have To Say…

“Today’s way of interviewing panelists for research is far too inefficient. PureSpectrum attacking this problem in all the right ways to streamline the research process.”
James Norman

CEO, Pilotly

“I’m loving the product! My colleagues are astonished by how quickly I can put a study to field. I feel like the all-powerful Oz.”
Larry Vincent

Chief Branding Officer, United Talent Agency

“It is truly a delight to work with the entire PS team. When I created the “automation-dev” Slack channel, I labeled the purpose as “Research…Tiger-Style” in honor of Wu-Tang because this collective team is exactly that supremely amazing & original!”
Anonymously Cool Researcher

Research Agency

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