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Ensuring Data Quality in Online Research

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As the quality-first sampling platform, each respondent is screened by our award-winning scoring system, PureScore™, and supported by 3rd party deduplication tools and a team of quality analysts. These tools have developed visibility into respondent behavior beyond a single session. Our technology effectively analyzes and predicts the behavior of the respondents to evaluate their credibility, reliability, and consistency.

PureSpectrum was built on the ethos of making researchers’ jobs easier. Our customers are always at the forefront of our minds as we continue to push the industry’s data quality standards forward. Awarded Market Research Supplier of the Year, PureSpectrum works tirelessly to ensure quality online research with constant dedication to accuracy in data collection.

Multi-Source: A Data Quality Advantage

The multi-source supply offered in the PureSpectrum Marketplace platform means researchers can effortlessly reach respondents all over the globe. The PureSpectrum Marketplace currently fields in 60+ countries and can also target niche B2B and consumer audiences. In addition to providing superior audience and quota delivery, multi-source marketplaces have created channels for previously untapped, differentiated sources. These connections have made PureSpectrum the dependable resource of a representative sample for online market research studies.

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Representative Sample:

Marketplace’s network of quantitative panels expands the universe of respondents, increasing the representation of your audience in sample.

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Supplier Transparency:

Tie differences down to the panel level and understand data at a deeper level.

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Decreased Bias:

Blending multiple sources of sample reduces inherent bias any single source may carry.

Data Quality: Preventing Low-Quality Response

Survey respondents are becoming increasingly anonymous online, requiring deduplication and fraud mitigation techniques to be fluid and dynamically adaptable. To benefit from pulling from multiple panels, researchers need tools to trust that respondents are unique, honest, and engaged. On the PureSpectrum Marketplace Platform we offer the following:


Our advanced machine learning quality rating system built on respondent behavior, device fingerprinting, and millions of past sessions maximizes feasibility by measuring at the respondent level.

Device Fingerprinting

Third-party software uses scores of data points to deduplicate respondents across panels and devices to ensure only unique respondents enter your survey.

Fraud Prevention

The same API call for fingerprinting also checks for VPNs, proxy networks, IP addresses from outside the target market, and IPs linked to bot networks.

PureScore™: The PureSpectrum Difference

PureScore™ is built on respondent behavior, device fingerprinting, and billions of data points a year. The innovative model created by data scientists works by finding patterns among behavior including screening consistency, completion rate, and group behavior based on demography. The further that a respondent’s fraud markers and behaviors deviate from the ideal, the lower their PureScore™.

Respondents are unaware of the PureScore™ system and their survey experience is not changed in any way. Only respondents with a passing PureScore™ are directed to PureSpectrum surveys. This ensures researchers receive unparalleled quality data on every project fielded on PureSpectrum Marketplace and Insights Platforms.

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Data Validation Process

Behavior in PureSpectum Screener

A First Time Respondents Data Quality Screener (FRDQ) with PureText™, tests attention and validates demographic information.

Behavior in the Survey

Respondents with behavior that is extremely inconsistent or fraudulent will be termed.

Session Duration Monitoring

If the LOI greatly deviates from that designated by the survey’s creator, the respondent is termed.

Status Upon Survey Completion

Ifa survey is completed without triggering any security checks, a respondent's answers can be considered reliable.

Conversion Tracking

Tracked via their PSID, completion rates and termination rates help build a better picture of a respondent’s quality.

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