Always focused on quality, PureSpectrum announces its newest data-science-driven innovation, PureText™. PureText™ works in conjunction with PureScore™, the industry’s leading respondent-level scoring system. Utilizing natural language processing technology, PureText™ screens respondents based on their textual responses to open-ended questions, before entering a researcher’s survey. 

With the help of millions of data points, PureText™ uncovers patterns in language and accounts for nuances like spelling errors, slang, and colloquial phrasing. This revolutionary screening measure not only performs standard linguistic checks for gibberish, garbage answers, etc but also screens for contextuality. Even if the open-ended response is grammatically correct, it will be flagged as a bad response if it doesn’t contextually answer the question.

PureText™ is currently implemented on the PureSpectrum Marketplace Platform to flag bad responses in real-time. It is in the process of being implemented on our Insights Platform to perform checks on all open-ended questions. 

PureText™, the newest PureSolution™, ensures researchers receive unparalleled quality data on every project fielded on the PureSpectrum Marketplace and Insights Platforms.

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