Dynamic Reporting

Converting raw data into actionable business intelligence can create time delays and hold up decision making. Through both Storefront and Marketplace, dynamic reports are available for download to help pull insights from raw survey results faster.

PureSpectrum Storefront: Dynamic Survey Results

Dynamic reporting can be as custom as your Storefront. Built to suit individual client needs, Storefront instant survey reporting tools allow researchers to view, filter and download reporting visuals and survey result charts to shorten time to insights.

Visual Reporting

Through customized Storefronts, clients are able to download presentation-ready reports and survey results immediately after a survey closes. Real-time reporting better visualizes data, and reports are downloadable in PowerPoint format to easily share with key stakeholders.

Depending on the type of survey, different types of survey result reports can be implemented. This includes customizable word clouds to see what brand names respondents recognized the most or comparative bar charts to take visual note of respondent selections in an easy-to-absorb format.

These are all system generated and can be downloaded to include in data presentations. Other types of dynamic reporting for providing survey result analysis your projects may need can be built into your custom Storefront and made available for continued team-wide use.

Dynamic Data Filtering: Your Data Exactly as You Need It

Dynamic filtering can slice the data exactly how clients want to view it, further customizing your research deliverables and survey results. Select specific aspects of your survey and break down dynamic reports by quota such as gender, age, brand recognition, location, and more. 

For example, filter your data on gender, selecting female, and instantly see only data provided by female respondents. If comparing female results to male results are part of the insights needed, this feature cuts down the time it takes to process the data and gather these insights. These filtering tools can be configured in any way to pull the exact data researchers need.

PureSpectrum Marketplace: Accessing Your Survey Results 

After fielding your project, log onto Marketplace to download your survey data. The PureSpectrum data collection process provides high-level knowledge of project performance while also delivering individualized data conclusions for each respondent who clicks into your survey, helping to generate survey results.

These reports are available in every survey you launch. They are downloadable, automatically update as the survey continues, and can be kept and accessed within the platform long after the project is out of field.

These Reports Include:

Transaction ID

Every time a respondent enters or attempts to enter a survey, they create an ID unique to every transaction. This can be used to identify and track individual sessions.

PureSpectrum Respondent ID (PSID)

This identifier is unique to every respondent, regardless of which panel they enter from. This allows for better respondent tracking as well as deduplication. Read more about PureSpectrum data quality methodologies here.


Respondents can enter surveys from a variety of panel sources, and the PureSpectrum dynamic reports pull in where each respondent came from.


How much the respondent was incentivized to take the survey


Which quota each individual respondent qualified and answered the survey fulfilling


How long the respondent spent in the survey, tracked for data quality purposes