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Automate Your Survey Methodology

Storefront is an online market research platform that streamlines your methodology and report generation in an easy-to-use interface.

Storefront is a custom survey management solution that meets unique research needs. It enables market researchers to build their own custom marketplace of methodology-driven products that can be purchased and executed in a fully automated fashion, from the PureSpectrum Marketplace.

Storefront Survey Management Solutions

Are your clients asking for faster, more actionable insights from your research?

Storefront empowers you to deliver those insights to your customers faster and more efficiently than ever. Storefront was built to help researchers innovate quickly in response to market demands and deliver data and insights more rapidly.

Increase your speed to insights and decrease the work it takes to get there with this fully automated online market research platform. Automate your proprietary methods with flexible configurations and instantaneous sampling and reporting.

  • Automated data collection and delivery generates insights faster
  • Improve quality and execution
  • Streamline your survey methodology with a centralized online market research platform
  • Access quality supply with PureSpectrum Marketplace’s vetted and integrated panels
  • Customers and team members continue to interact directly with your company and brand leading to less confusion and more control

The Storefront Process


Log in and select your custom research product


Create your study with the Storefront configuration wizard


Set up your audience requirements and launch your survey, collecting responses via the PureSpectrum Marketplace


Access visual reporting within 24 hours in presentation-ready formats

Storefront Survey Reporting Tool

Storefront’s reporting features enable researchers to quickly and easily provide their findings. PureSpectrum created the Storefront survey reporting tool to be dynamic and adaptable. Download powerpoint-ready presentations within 24 hours of the close of your project. 

A New Automated Survey Management Solution Is Within Reach

Learn more about the benefits and see what comes with your customized and automated Storefront.