The Benefits of Automatic Survey Fielding

The market research industry is changing. Reliance on technology is spilling into the business of sample, and researchers need their high-quality data faster. With even faster turnaround times on harder quotas, researchers have turned to advanced automatic survey fielding to improve their output. Legacy data collection processes are having trouble keeping up with the new demands.

The PureSpectrum platform empowers you to eliminate manual processes. Programmatic sampling reduces overhead cost, increases overall productivity, and helps teams innovate for the future.

Before Automated Survey Fielding: The Legacy Process

Through manual survey set up processes, 50+ emails would need to be sent between project managers and panel companies to ensure projects were set for launch. Redirects were set up manually, links needed to be tested multiple times, and changed to ensure respondents could access the correct survey. Due to the time intensity, researchers typically relied exclusively on one panel for all sample needs. 

Once the survey was launched, it was nearly impossible to make changes in field. Panels knew the respondents they needed to send to the survey, but there was no additional correspondence to communicate changes, quota full notifications, increases/decreases in the speed of sample flow, or changes in price. Researchers were stuck in rigidity, often wasting sample or finding it difficult to close projects.

Automate Survey Data Collection with PureSpectrum

PureSpectrum technology is advancing programmatic sampling through automatic survey fielding. With our Marketplace and SMP, you can automate survey data collection, view and manage multiple surveys, obtain pricing and feasibility, monitor each supplier’s allocation and respondent statuses in real time, and create and manage your quotas while in field. All changes are instantly communicated to your selected panels using our API technology. No more emails, delayed actions or coverage issues.

Marketplace integrates to your project to automate your survey. Pull the relevant quota and screening information, and then distribute that to the API-connected panels you have selected to participate in the project. Instant and consistent information transferred through automated surveys keeps fielding operations humming across multiple panels without heavy lifting.

Communicate Changes Automatically, 24/7

Make edits in real time any time to ensure your survey is fielding dynamically. Through the PureSpectrum automated survey data collection process, any project management decision can be implemented across the supply chain at any hour.

Gain Better Feasibility from Multi-Source Supply

The PureSpectrum Marketplace connects with 40+ different suppliers all over the world, allowing researchers to automate survey sampling without the need for multiple email chains, repetitive testing procedures, and rigid fielding practices.

Access and Edit Quotas in Real Time

Automating updates and information sharing frees your personnel to provide more value to the project and to your clients. Efficiency with programmatic sample extends to supplier management, making it easier to control for blending, feasibility and budget.

Achieve Greater Usability with API Connectivity

In addition to automated sample flow, PureSpectrum offers an automatic survey Buy API, allowing tech-savvy researchers to streamline their survey processes. This empowers clients to launch their survey with just two API calls, cutting downtime to field. Learn more about our Buy API technology here and see if integration is the next step you need to achieve your research goals. 

Full API connectivity can improve:


  • Over Quota Rates: Once specific quotas are filled, the PureSpectrum system will send a notification to supplier systems to stop sending respondents of that particular demographic. This prevents click waste and improves the respondent experience.
  • Conversion Rate: Because fewer respondents are terming on full quotas or other demographics that may not have been communicated to panels through traditional in-field methods, clients see a substantially higher conversion rate.

How can the PureSpectrum Buy API improve your sampling? Read more about how our clients automate survey fielding, increasing speed to insights.

Further Survey Automation with a Custom Storefront

Researchers who run repeat work can shorten their timelines through an automated Storefront that templatizes their unique methodologies. Custom built by the PureSpectrum team, a Storefront allows researchers to launch projects, pull sample from integrated panels, field in 24 hours, and access system-generated client-ready dynamic reports.

Is Storefront right for your team? Learn more about Storefront, or reach out to us with any questions on our contact us page