PureSpectrum SMP

The Survey Panel Management Solution

Manage Multi-Source Supply All In One Place

The PureSpectrum Sample Management Platform (SMP) allows researchers to gather sample for their studies from private providers and known suppliers within the PureSpectrum Marketplace.

Once you have integrated into our system, fill sample with quality supply at the click of a button. Take control of your insights and lean out time extensive processes with the PureSpectrum SMP.

How PureSpectrum SMP Offers A Survey Panel Management Solution

One Central Operating System

Use your private supply and access our marketplace of respondents all from one central operating system. The PureSpectrum UI makes survey panel management for market research easy and painless. Define your targeting audience and apply quotas if needed. Choose from a variety of demographics and fill out information in regard to your survey.

Our system will use these fields to gather the perfect survey panel respondents for you. Our online panel management solution offers complete transparency.

Marketplace Access

PureSpectrum has created partnerships with internationally recognized suppliers to ensure we are providing you with the best sample. Our suppliers go through an initial vetting process as well as monthly reviews to ensure optimum quality.

Once survey panel respondents are brought onto the PureSpectrum platform from our suppliers, they receive the PureSpectrum screener. Our screening process checks for inconsistencies, applies a PureScore, and ensures the qualifications of the respondent before they are able to enter the survey.


PureScore, PureSpectrum’s advanced machine learning respondent scoring system, fights the ever evolving fraudulent landscape of market research. PureSpectrum created this technology to not only dedupe and check verification markers, but use their platform behavior to establish a baseline of activity patterns and derive a survey panel respondent’s authenticity. 

We are continuously working to create new features to make your survey panel management experience robust and easy to use. Learn more about the PureSpectrum features today with our online resources or speaking with one of our team members. 


PureSpectrum’s Relentless Pursuit of Quality

PureSpectrum drives quality data with our quality supply and technology. We believe in giving researchers more visibility and control over their insights with automated survey panel management. Clients are needing insights faster and it is up to market researchers to give them the best data to power their business decisions.

Traditional processes of attaining multi source supply can be time consuming. PureSpectrum allows for faster and leaner research panel management. Remove multiple redirects and emails with suppliers from your checklist and let our technology handle the communication for you.

PureSpectrum Is the Survey Panel Management Solution

Speak with one of our team members about how we can improve your efficiencies with panel management in market research today.