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 Welcome to the Rochester Office Grand Opening

We are excited to have you join us to celebrate this step in our journey!

Click through PureSpectrum’s history below to see how we made our way to Rochester!

PureSpectrum Founded

December 2015

Sampling Platform Launched

October 2016

Space Office Video

April 2019

PureScore™ Released

December 2019

10M Annual Interviews Completed

May 2020

Inteligx Acquired

November 2020

Insights Platform Acquired

May 2021

MR Supplier of the Year

November 2021

First WIRe Webinar

November 2021

PureScore™ Research-on-Research

May 2022

GRIT Innovative Supplier Award

August 2022

Chief Dog Officer Appointed

| Archibald 'Archie' McCrary |
January 2023

PureScore™ 2.0 Released

March 2023

The PureSpectrum Chesebro Half Marathon

April 2023

MREF Race Around the World

May 2023

Rochester Office Grand Opening

June 2023

Thank you for being a part of this journey with us. We appreciate your partnership!

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