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Why Market Research Agencies

Choose PureSpectrum

Price – No license, platform or minimum fees; the cost of your sample is the final price. It’s that simple.

Feasibility – PureSpectrum boasts robust global feasibility in over 50 countries with dozens of panels that have been thoroughly vetted and deeply integrated. 

Speed – Our automated technology and seamless integrations get your surveys filled faster and with better accuracy.

Quality – Block low quality respondents from taking your surveys. Our proprietary machine learning technology, PureScore, sets a new standard for quality with respondent-level scoring.

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    How We Partner With Our Customers

    “Everyone says they’re a partner in this business, everyone wants to be a partner in this business, but PureSpectrum is one of the true partners that we have.”

    Alice Butler

    Senior Vice President, M/A/R/C Research

    “We started using PureSpectrum in conjunction with a couple of other platforms and we just didn’t find the ease of use in any of the other platforms. It is head and shoulders above the rest of the platforms.”

    Tim Talley

    Vice President of Operations and Data Analytics, SmithGeiger

    “PureSpectrum changed the way sample is procured in market research. We can now turn around insights on human emotion in under 24 hours. This product is critical for automated behavioral science.”

    Aaron Reid

    Founder/CEO, Sentient Decision Science

    The PureSpectrum Marketplace

    PureSpectrum makes researchers’ jobs easier

    Our interface has all the tools you need in one place. Don’t wait for bids, price or feasibility comparisons across multiple suppliers.

    Launch projects in minutes without scheduling or set up delays and see the incredible speed and quality PureSpectrum delivers.

    The Quality-First Sampling Platform

    PureSpectrum Marketplace uses advanced machine learning techniques to provide the highest quality data. 

    Our relentless pursuit of quality is unmatched and will continue to be a core tenet of the platform.