The 6 Stages of Product Adoption – How people adopt products, and how to reach them

Whenever new products like Storefront come to market, there is always the question: is this product the right fit for me? A lot of developers do not know the process customers go through when choosing to adopt a new product, so we wanted to break this down for you. Here are the stages of product adoption:

Presentation of these key takeaways that you can share with your team.

1.     Awareness – Your customer knows a little bit about your product, but not much. Maybe they’ve heard a colleague talk about it, or saw an ad on social media, but they still have questions. Reach customers in this stage with cold calls and advertisements.

2.     Interest – Your customer will start to seek information about your product by asking others, or putting in the time for a basic search. Reach these customers with optimized websites that call for booking a demo.

3.     Evaluation – Your customer now has enough information to determine if this is something that interests them. Let them evaluate the facts, and whether this is something that would be right for their business. Reach customers here by following up after demos and encouraging them to give your product a try.

4.     Trial – From here, your customer has determined this is a product that would work well with them or their company. They decide to give the product a try. Provide your potential new customer support here.

5.     Adoption – If the trial goes well, your customer is ready to adopt your innovation. Given the tests and information gathered, they have specific expectations of using your product as a tool for their business. You’re ready to help pass this client to a project manager.

6.     Post Adoption – If your customer is truly satisfied with the product, they will continue using it and buy more. It is crucial to leverage their satisfaction to spark discussion within their own network as to why this product is a great innovation.

Ready to start the adoption process for Storefront? We’d love to help you through it. Visit to reach out for a demo.

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