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Customizing Your Survey Data Collection

PureSpectrum Storefront offers a custom solution to ensure researchers can keep up with the current insights climate. When paired with PureSpectrum Marketplace, you can get reliable insights about your customer’s behavior faster and with more accuracy. With our automated products, you can purchase API-integrated sample with one click.

Why You Need Storefront

Large amounts of repetitive work mean mundane set up processes and redundant fielding strategies with rigid turn around times. Storefront automates these time-consuming tasks of survey data collection, increasing speed to insights and cutting down on unnecessary work, giving you flexibility through automation.

What Comes with Your Storefront

Survey Data Collection

Your Brand Look and Feel

The PureSpectrum team will brand everything on your Storefront to fit your unique palette and company feel. Within your Storefront, all fonts, colors, logos and photos will reflect your brand’s style guide. Your logo will be displayed on the front login page to ensure that your Storefront feels seamless with the rest of your business. This allows your end users to interact with a product that is completely yours.

Your Methodologies

Your Storefront will showcase survey products that were custom-built for you to increase your speed to field. Automate your current methodologies and collect sample from the PureSpectrum Marketplace. Manage your draft, live, paused and closed projects in real time. Instead of manually setting up repetitive projects, Storefront allows you to choose a survey from your selection of research products and get it immediately into field, saving time, manpower and costs.

The PureSpectrum team will work closely with you to ensure these custom solutions are created to your specifications and are able to be executed by you or your research team. We have created products for clients specifically for unique tracking projects, brand comparisons, positioning studies, concept tests, sorting tests and more. We are committed to creating exactly what our clients need.

Custom Questions

In addition to your custom solutions, we understand that sometimes modifications need to be made for best survey results. With Custom Questions, you can add Single-Punch, Multi-Punch, Input, Essay, and Grid questions to the end of your studies for a more customized survey experience. Get the exact answers you need every time.

Survey Data Analysis

Dynamic Reporting and Intelligent Insights

Just as your products are custom, dynamic and downloadable reports are instantly drawn and generated within 24 hours of project close. View all of your reports in the dashboard and apply filters to organize the research findings for optimal display, speeding up the findings analysis and shortening your time to insights.

These reports can be customized: word clouds, bar charts, comparative graphs, pie charts and more. Download these in any format you need, ready for presentation.

PureSpectrum Is Leading The Industry In Automation

Storefront is revolutionizing what it means to run complex projects with a streamlined survey data collection process. Automate your methodology and tap into the industry’s best marketplace. Provide your clients with the survey panel data analysis to make better decisions for their business.