PureSpectrum has made great contributions to our team, and we continue to grow. This quarter, we have added Jeremy Carreno and Lauren Fechik, expanding our client success team.

Lauren Fechik

“Serving over 7 years in the market research industry, I am passionate about helping customers achieve their goals. Starting my journey on the project management side, I was able to learn the ins and outs of data collection and transitioned into business development. With a sturdy foundation and understanding of research needs, I strive to solve problems and introduce new technology offerings.”

Jeremy Carreno

“Client Success Manager by day, strength training, plays, and family by night. Traveling to faraway places is a must…nothing beats Halloween in Tokyo, or a cooking class in Buenos Aires. Professionally, I’ve been in Market Research for over 5 years, having done everything from Project Management to leading an Account Management team, and now I get to share that experience with PureSpectrum.”