PureSpectrum launches Storefront, an automated insights e-commerce platform

Storefront’s automated path to quality insights empowers researchers to deliver client data faster.

PureSpectrum’s Storefront is enabling market researchers to make better decisions faster in a new rapid insights era. This new product offering perfects end-to-end automation; Storefront automates survey creation with custom configurable inputs, data collection and report generation, allowing researchers to returns insights to clients within 24 hours.

“Modern brands are under increasing pressure to understand the hearts and minds of their customers. Researchers’ time should be spent in that pursuit, and less in the operational gathering of the insights,” says Michael McCrary, CEO of PureSpectrum. “Storefront is the second product we have released that automates the labor intensive parts of the consumer insights gathering process and is already adding value to our customers.”

With the full automation of the research process, PureSpectrum is doubling down on the mission of adding value to market researchers. The Storefront solutions enables:

– Intuitive interface
– Supports any methodology
– Easy ingestion of stimuli
– Real-time reporting with dynamic filtering

Above, Left: Create different products specific to specialties and/or customers’ needs.
Above, Right: Real-time reporting visualizes data exactly how researchers need.

This product is custom, tailored to the look and feel of each company brand in a user experience driven design. This allows for researchers to own client relationships with their own automated research.

Included with this product is access to the quality respondents from the exclusive PureSpectrum marketplace.

Learn more about Storefront and PureSpectrum at purespectrum.com/storefront or contact us directly at sales@purespectrum.com

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