The Market Research Platform Solution

PureSpectrum was created by industry leaders that knew there were unaddressed needs in market research

There continues to be an increased demand for online consumer market research data yet limited resources for its gathering and analysis. Teams across different sectors are working on how to increase efficiency and decrease costs. The PureSpectrum platform eliminates the need to manage a network of suppliers by email – reducing total turnaround time to pricing & feasibility, project launch, and quota management. Through our robust supply-side APIs, we allow for complex quota structures, not possible via manual sourcing. All of this serves to deliver operational and productivity gains for your business. 

We make researchers’ jobs easier with a market research platform that focuses on Simplicity, Automation, and Quality. 


Streamlining market research survey data collection

Research is complex, but finding the right respondents shouldn’t be. An intuitive user experience, essential feature design and no-fee pricing model make PureSpectrum easier than the legacy process. Easily create, launch, and manage your market research survey anytime in minutes. Maintain your current survey creation process with your market research software of choice and gain all the benefits of using PureSpectrum’s online market research platform to access global high quality respondents.

  1. Fast & Efficient – Quickly see pricing and feasibility for quotas across multiple suppliers with our simple project set up
  2. Simple Pricing – There are no additional fees, licenses or minimums to use our marketplace, just the cost of your sample.
  3. Intuitive UI – Reviewed as the most user-friendly marketplace interface, PureSpectrum’s simple and intuitive design was made by researchers for researchers.


Power your online consumer market research

Automation is the core of how PureSpectrum’s market research platform delivers immediate value. As the expectations of online consumer market research keep rising, they have created an increased burden on your teams, challenging the limits of your existing methodologies. PurSpectrum empowers you to eliminate manual processes to reduce overhead cost, increase overall productivity, and innovate for the future. Free up more time for client deliverables by using market research platform technology to conduct fielding.


With our system’s integrations to panels, you can set up projects around the clock, launch any time, and make changes that are implemented across panels immediately, regardless of work schedules.


Get the results of multiple panels with the feel of managing one. PureSpectrum’s integrations allow you to pull sample from as many sources as you need all in one platform.

Built for Scale

The API-centric technology stack, along with our expertise in integrating, automating, and optimizing supply sources helps clients modernize their sample delivery processes in a fully integrated, extensible and scalable fashion.


The Quality-first Market Research Platform

PureSpectrum’s market research platform features top data quality methodologies including a respondent-level scoring system called PureScore™, built to combat modern market research challenges and keep up with the ever evolving data quality landscape.

Marketplace Design

Source Transparency

Knowing the sources of sample improves a researcher’s ability to control quality and analyze data by supplier.

Exclusive Marketplace

Restricting access to both panels with quality respondents and researchers with quality inventory creates a positive cycle of quality data shared via PureSpectrum.

Vetting Process

PureSpectrum interviews and thoroughly vets every panel that has admittance to the PureSpectrum Marketplace. Answers to ESOMAR 28, our own questionnaire, and panel books are available upon request.



Our platform features top data quality methodologies including an advanced Machine Learning driven, respondent-level scoring system called PureScore™, built to combat modern market research challenges and keep up with the ever evolving data quality landscape.

Learn more about PureScore

Learn more about how we are ensuring the best respondents for your market research surveys.