Managing Director, EMEA, Stephen Hughes, shares his key takeaways from Quirks London

It’s fair to say that the inaugural Quirks London event had attracted a high degree of anticipation and curiosity throughout the UK insight community in the months and weeks before the doors finally opened a couple of weeks ago.

It’s also fair to say that as a community we have watched with a degree of envy the continued success of the Research and Results conference in Munich. It is attracting global research company exhibitors, new technology players and a high quality and engaged audience. Every October in the beer halls throughout the Bavarian capital, the Brits would lament that The Insight Show, once the UK’s largest, must attend industry conference, had been neglected and in a state of gradual decline for many years.

So many of us here who had heard great things about Quirks events in the US were curious to see if that could be replicated here, and if the UK could once again host a successful large-scale insight conference. What would a successful Quirk’s event mean for the UK insight conference landscape?

Although I wasn’t particularly looking forward to heading out of central London to the O2 , it was actually a surprisingly short trip along the Jubilee line. The venue of the Intercontinental was perfect with a vast exhibition hall which was stuffed full of exhibitors – many of the usual suspects could be found here but there was also a refreshing number of new and international exhibitors to UK conferences such as P2 Sample, Fastuna, Pollfish, KnowledgeHound and D8taSpring. New too was the Klik badges that allowed for quick and easy sharing of contact details.

What really struck me though and what I think made Quirks stand out from other conferences I have attended recently, is the breadth and quality of the papers and the impressive line up of speakers such as Microsoft, Mars Pet Foods, Formula 1 and PureSpectrum’s very own Michael McCrary.

So in summary a very successful first UK outing for Quirks and I look forward to attending again next year.

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