IIeX – Top Trends and Takeaways

Hosted in Austin, Texas this year, IIeX North America drew in over a thousand market research industry leaders and brands looking for the latest and greatest in consumer insights. Workshops encouraged attendees to harness practical skills they can apply to themselves and diverse speakers shared new trends and technologies in the space.

Top Takeaways:

  • Technology is already a huge player in market research and was only talked about more by industry leaders at IIeX:
    • Automation: There were multiple presentations that discussed how automation is improving the relevance of insights and making the life of a researcher easier. Ecommerce solutions are working to automate the survey execution and sampling part of research are becoming more prevalent and used by brands and agencies.
    • Blockchain: Still a hot topic with a few presentations as well as office hour sessions for 1-on-1 discussion. However, the conversation had shifted a bit, with presentations on respondent awareness of the concept and companies dialing back the marketing of “blockchain” as just a part of new technologies aimed at improving quality and transparency in data collection. Presentations discussed additionally how ad targeting validation emerged as another area for application of the technology in the larger marketing space.
    • AI: Conversations here stemmed from how data trends can be predicted and analyzed through the use of artificial intelligence. Case studies focused on how AI can be used to derive insights from huge amounts of both qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Marketing and content was a big topic, and how that plays into brand exposure and ad effectiveness:
    • Storytelling: Several sessions talked about the importance of telling stories in order to convey data findings and insights. Getting people to remember these important findings in an ecosystem where the average attention span is 8 seconds or less can be a challenge. In terms of an Uber case study, relying on data alone is a thing of the past as brands try to better emotionally connect with their consumers to continue building their brands.
    • Social Media: This ties into conversations about big data, as more and more researchers are turning to aggregate social media analytics to predict trends and track brand health. This is also how researchers are finding and reaching younger generations who will soon have greater purchasing power.

Overall, IIeX NA was a great gathering of thought leaders discussing the state and the future of the industry. PureSpectrum is happy to have sponsored this impactful event!

Automation: AYTM, PureSpectrum

Blockchain: Measure Protocol, GRBN, Veriglif

AI: Black Swan Data, Remesh, Greyhound

Storytelling: Realeyes, Ruby Cha Cha, Uber

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