Wine Tasting Giveaway




What is the Giveaway?

We will choose a handful of winners and hold a small group wine tasting experience hosted “in” Napa, the home of high-quality wine. At PureSpectrum, the quality-first sampling platform, quality experiences go beyond sample

This 50 minute wine tasting tour will take place with a live host overlooking the Bouchaine estate vineyards. Enjoy three 750 mL bottles of Vin Gris, Chardonnay, and Pinot Noir shipped overnight to your home.

How Does It Work?


Enter the Giveaway

Fill out the form on this page and enter the Giveaway. A PureSpectrum team member will be in contact with you soon.


Winners chosen Sept 14

If you are chosen, a PureSpectrum team member will be reaching out to set a date and time for the event and schedule your shipment of wine.


Receive Wine & Attend

A private host seated before the panoramic view of the Bouchaine Vineyards will then lead you and guests through a discussion of the wines.


Contact us today to learn more and be considered for the giveaway

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