Always Look for Inspiration Everywhere

Because the next best thing for your business might be in the most unlikeliest of places.

When starting PureSpectrum, I had so many decisions to make that felt so  big at the time. In hindsight, most of these early decisions were a lot smaller than I gave them credit for, and in fact, I don’t even recall most of them now. I do, however, vividly remember the inspiration behind the PureSpectrum logo, and I never get tired of sharing that story.

After breezing through the company name and positioning I was ready to move on to the logo.  I desperately wanted to nail the logo because iconic brands are recognizable by name or logo like Nike, Mercedes, Starbucks, and Apple. The problem is, I can’t draw. I’m just Michael, not Michelangelo. So  I had to produce something that I was unwilling to compromise on while not having the skills or resources. 

I was stuck. My good friend and brilliant UX/UI designer Zee couldn’t get the thoughts from my head into an image, and I was starting to lose faith. Then, in the most unexpected of ways, it happened. A text  came through from my wife with a very interesting graphical design with the message, “Can you believe your son drew this in class today?” I didn’t realize that she was actually venting about how our 10-year old was busted for drawing in class when he should have been paying attention…all I saw was our logo.  

I immediately called Zee and told him that without a doubt, I’d found it. After weeks of searching and spending countless hours on ideas, we’d found the one that clicked. Within days, Zee turned around preliminary and final proofs, colors and digital designs, and the PureSpectrum logo was born.  

I’m  proud of the logo and we still receive compliments on a regular basis.  For me, it’s a constant reminder that inspiration and innovation don’t always come from people that are so-called “experts.” When new employees join PureSpectrum, I tell this story to them so they know that even something as important as our logo can come from a 10- year-old child, so anyone’s ideas can make a huge impact.

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