PureSpectrum’s Marketplace is driven by quality panels developing API integrations that provide detailed, accurate information on thousands of live survey opportunities that researchers add to the platform. Following development, a panel can generate material revenue without manual project-by-project labor, all while controlling the quality of respondent experience through the quota and survey level information.

Our Panels team and Product team support a panel’s development team through building, testing and optimizing the integration.  For a window into how our process works, and the results our panel partners see, we have highlighted the most recent integration to the platform, On Device Research:


Integration Timeline

With 1-2 On Device developers and one PureSpectrum lead, the technical part of the process took approximately 6 weeks, which included integration, mapping of core qualifications, and distinguishing surveys for mobile traffic.

“We didn’t have to develop a whole new system to integrate,” Alistair Hill, CEO and Co-Founder of OnDevice Research, said. “Integration has been straight forward, which is a massive plus.”


Teams had bi-weekly one-on-one calls to discuss integrations, walk through scenarios, look at qualifications and look at pricing to ensure everything was running smoothly. By July, On Device was a top 10 provider globally and by August, among the top 5 in the UK.



On Device has been providing respondents to the market research industry since 2009 and has integrated with several platforms to deliver programmatically.  In just three months following initial completion of development, the PureSpectrum channel ranks as follows among programmatic channels:

 “We’ve integrated with a few programmatic providers and straight away, within a couple of months, [PureSpectrum] came into second place in terms of revenue,” Hill said.

PureSpectrum believes these results are possible with any quality sample source with development resources because of our commitment to supporting the development effort with our own experienced team, and maintaining a healthy inventory of research surveys with fair pricing for panels and survey takers.

If you’re interested in increasing monetization with better operational leverage, contact panels@purespectrum.com to learn more.